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These people have testified on behalf of how cool the Legacy of ¡DavE! is. Check out what they have said here! If you would like to testify, Click here ----> Testify!

You're absolutely right. My goodness what was Matell thinking when they made a doll that's pretty and successfull? I mean come on! A doctor, an astronaut? A TEACHER?!? They should make her a teenage crack whore, a prostitute and even a teenage mommy. What is this world coming to???
Finally-Someone who gets the genius and passion of Concrete Blonde. I too, fell in LOVE with them after hearing Bloodletting, the extended version. I'm a Halloween 
B-Day. It so fits me. Love your site. Please let me know if I can add that song to my home page to spread the love of their music around.
I loved your comments on not "dissing" people who work at Macdonalds.  Great comment!!!! Also, I am glad someone can teach me--a person who hates to cook--how to make good fudge.  Keep the recipes coming--easy ones, that is.
Great Web Page. I enjoyed it very much. Write more often. E-Mail us several times a week. 
Young people of the world--
work for peace.  Make your legacy a better, peaceful world
for you children and their children.  Love one another; stop all violence of all people.
Why can't I have a dog?
Your website looks fantastic! Love the look, is proud to support Legacy of Idave!!!
this page rocks! finally a site that pays proper homage to one of the greatest bands known to the esoteric wo-men of the world!
-Reverend Cyfarwydd
hey dave.....i like it...
hey dave it was really hard to find your guestbook talk to me if you want my opinion. thx heather
well just though i'd say hi from the science center. Serena also says hi
Where can I get the lyrics to "Stranger" from Pretty & Twisted?
Thanks a lot. 
 thank you for recognizing the best band in the world
Just wanted to tell you thank you for being such a great man.  I appreciate you.
Great insight!  I Love the Blonde, been a huge fan since I found Concrete Blonde on a cassette tape!  Did they ever issue it on CD?  Do you have any MP3 stuff of the blonde?  I can never get enough Johnette!  We just saw her at the Zoo in MN. 


your website doesnt have enough free giveaways. as a matter of fact, it doesnt have any.
Concrete Blonde is definately the greatest band in the world. I had the chance to meet them and also got my picture with them all. Johnette is the greatest singer in the world I love her. I'm from Buffalo, NY and they played here on July 5 absolutely amazing show.
I like your webpage
hi uncle day-day!
your website is dark & drooby!!!
oilnk hing jonk fe la foo meeka losoana!
davE your site is great! Do you 
like bikini bottom?haaaa!haaaaa
hhhaaaaa!haaaaaa! Haaaaaaaa! Haaaaaaaaaaaa!Haaaaaaaaaa! 
Haaaaaaaaaa! Haaaaaaaaaa! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
AAAAAAAAAA! Haaaaaaaaaaaa
aaaa! Haaaaaaaaaaaa! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
aa! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
aaa!!!! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Good bye! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!HaAAAAAA
great site
are we your favorite little devils?
-stefanie and serena
do you like pepsi?Oh yeah,my number is 456-0987
Forbidden Knowledge revealed to seekers of truth concerning: Holy Sex, Conspiracies, Hidden Torah codes, Holy Secrets, Yahweh Elohim, Yahshua, Gematria, Anti-Christ, Kabbalah, 666, 
Ancient Wisdom, Mysteries,
Frauds, Paranoia, The Unknown, Aliens, hundreds more fascinating forbidden subjects! Results of 40 years of relentless research. Most amazing web site!  Thank you.
Dave your site rocks-I love concrete blonde!!! I met Johnette like 4 wks. ago-I totally asked her to marry me! They were all cool and super nice!
     you are such a great guy.  cant wait to see you
You've got a  nice webpage, Do you do this for a living?
Ya do great work my friend!!
     I just wanted to let you know that I think your website is really cool.  You are a very HOT looking guy.  You have a great personality, you are friendly, romantic, funny, honest and all around really great guy.  I really think you deserve to find a great guy for yourself. Some one with the same personality, and values that you have. 
Hello there, please dont make me reget this.This is the first time I have signed a guess book and left my email.So email me nicely please.Thank you EDDDDDDDDD
Are you not doing ICQ anymore? Haven't seen you there in a long time and am curious. Love your site, stil the best read anywhere!
Well Dave. That's a great job you've done. You are a talented man,I don't know how youcan possibly keep up with all the stuff in your site. Yee you later my friend. -Roy,der Ihrren Koenig.
I really loved your home page so keep up the good work...I loved it so much
Of course your the friend. I LOVE THIS SITE. It is so much fun to read that I come here every two 
to three days to just see if anything is new. I like this guy!!
Well,it's der Irren Koenig again. Just visiting that talent of a webmaster Daves Whirled Wide Web loved the Halloween page from geocities.The music scared the daylights out of Rodrigo when it started. I thought it was hilarious. Se Ya !
Hi Dave, you've been working 
hard at your Site. it's clean & strong. . . well done!
 Weblink: The Lotto Mars Club
Im not leavign a comment cause i think it's completely stupid and whats it to you if i were to leave one? what would it do for you?'ll just be staring at it. Big WOO.
This is a GREAT page, Thanks so much for taking the time to share. I have added a few new things to my page so please check back. The newest and most popular so far is a form to fill out about 
finding love on the net, just a 
few questions to fill out, Let 
others know where you stand on these important matters!! Also please look at the missing children banner, Links to children missing from YOUR state. Lets help bring these children back home 
Take care and have a good day..........TROUBLE4U2
nice web dave
How Private would you like it?
I think this is the coolest web site out there good job dave keep it up bro
This web page would be cool if it wasnt so PRO GOVERNMENT all 
the time. Need more on Alien Abductions and more on RATM 
and EZLN. But also the web page works because it informs us on stuff EVENTHOUGH i dont fully agree on it! And by the WAY I am not Patriotic as stated in a previous Newsletter!!!! :0 ME
-Im not goin to tell YOU
Thank you dave for all your help on getting mine up and going.
Hey Dave great site.



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