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The Legacy 
Of ¡DavE! Home page is the main index to the entire site.
Historical site information and background. It's our version of the Guestbook! Don't forget to testify!
More information about the Legacy Of ¡DavE!
You're Lookin' at it!!!
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Book Of Lists Index
-Chapter 1
-Chapter 2
-Chapter 3
-Chapter 4
-Chapter 5
-Chapter 6
-Chapter 7
-7 Sites that Saved Seattle
-America's Birthday
-Anti-Barbie Site
-Digger Wells
-End of the World as we know it!!!
-Good Luck Charms
-Internet Illusions
-Kingdome Demolition
-Seattle World's Fair
-South Park
-Stevie Nicks
-TV and Radio Talk Shows
-You Go Blanche!!! Coronation Street Special!!!

Adults Only

-Bare Facts About Clothing Optional Recreation
-Betty Page VS Tom Of Finland
Past Newsletters
-Volume 1
-Volume 2
-Volume 3
-Volume 4
-Volume 5
-Volume 6
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