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 Rejoice, Rejoice
 In Memory Of Myself
 Be splendid Princess

Rejoice, Rejoice

Rejoice, rejoice
my flower king:
you own many jewels-

we do not come again:
only once
your heart know's the earth
Xayacamachan, King of Huexotzingo circa 1510

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I, who cry and suffer
am out of my head
Yes, I have this time, the present, 
but I remember, and say.

If I never died, If I were to never vanish...

If I should go where there is no death, 
where we could win some victory.

If I never died, if I never were to vanish...

Nezahaulcoyotl, King of Texcoco, poet and orator circa 1459
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Over the dead body of a woman I am growing,
on her bones my roots are coiled
and from her disfigured heart
emerges a hard, vertical stalk.
From the coffin of an unborn child.
from it's stomach shattered before the harvest
I rise up, tenatcious, definitive,
brutal as a gravestone and on occasion sad
with the stony weariness of a funeral angel
who hides a tearless visage beneath his hands.
Rosario Castellanos
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In Memory of Myself...
I am looking down at my face
I see nothing but a white paste of skin and cells that once held my body

Agoup of people are gathered around a wood pine box that is covered with flowers
They are looking down like vultures, waiting to pounce on thier prey...

They are dressed in Black
They are as sad as I am happy
you see I just escaped from a prison of guts and bones, 
and now I am a long lasting vibrant soul.

I am dead or so they say,
because in reality, I am born again
free to be me
In memory of myself.

©1996 David T. Barr
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Here comes the water
down the slope,
and my skull
is getting wet.

Death, a skinny skeleton
neither fat nor skinny.
A homemade skeleton
stuck together with wax.


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Our house on earth
we do not inhabit
only borrow it 

(Be splendid, Princess!)

here only
our heart sings
briefly, briefly
lent to one another

earth is not our last home;
take these flowers

(Be splendid, Princess!)

-Author Unknown
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When I die, my dear
Of my clay make a cup.
When you have thirst, from me drink
The clay which clings to your lips
Is a kiss from your lover.

-Author Unknown

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