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Happy 1 Year Anniversary of The Legacy of ¡DavE!
The Legacy of ¡DavE! is a historical site that contains Past Newsletters, Past Features Of the month, Book Of Lists and Predictions from ¡DavE!'s Whirled Wide Web! This page is best viewed using 800X600 Resolution. Click one of these links below to take a look.
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Concrete Blonde Tribute Page At The Legacy of ĄDavE!
Now at the Legacy of ¡DavE!-It's the Concrete Blonde Tribute Page. Click here to view You will find out about Concrete Blonde, Discography, How Concrete Blonde has affected my life, ¡DavE!'s Reviews of the Shows and more.

This site Was last updated on 25 May 2004

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Evidence A Life Story...Now At Legacy of ĄDavE!
Evidence-A life Story
Evidence A life story is a 32 Episode Internet Soap opera that took place back in 1987, long before the days of the internet and Cell phones. The soap appeared for 2 seasons on ¡DavE!'s Whirled Wide Web!. It ended in 2004. You can read the past episodes here. Just click one of the links below. We recommend you start with Episode one!
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This site was created on 1 May 2000 as ¡DavE!'s Whirled Wide Web-The Warehouse. It was Relaunched as The Legacy Of ¡DavE! On 1 April  2003.
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