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Why I don't shop Wal*mart(it's not what you may think!)
I have decided to stop shopping at Walmart. Not because of most people's reasons. I just think it's silly to not shop at a store because they are a big corporate chain or they close small town stores. I mean this is America. We encourage the big and corporate. What is the limit of stores anyway? should they only have 10 in their chain? And don't these people realize that Walmart started off small in the first place? They didn't open with 100 stores. And what about the small time retailers? If people get mad because Walmart suposedly shuts down mom and pop stores, does that mean they will be mad one day when the mom and pop's get as big as Walmart? But I digress. No the reason I don't shop Walmart is....

It's not worth the savings. Really. So far I've been to Walmart about 10 times. Only once did I get out in under an hour. Usually when I drive to Walmart, It takes about 15 minutes to park and that is if you settle and get a spot far away from the store. Then you have to walk in. I like to look but that's my fault so it takes about an hour to look. HOwever most of the times, the store is so crowded, I have to wait in line to look at something. Then once you have found everything, you have to wait 15 to 20 minutes in line. That's crazy. Then back out to the parking lot where it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to get out of the parkinglot on the road home. This is because you have to navigate between those who are looking for a new place and those who are waiting to get out. It's like a mini traffic jam. 

But even that is just gravy. The real reason is there stuff is crappy assed cheap. I bought several things for Christmas as gifts and had to end up taking them back because they broke. I also purchased socks and they ended up with holes in them after only a month. I learned later from a source that Walmart buys seconds and thirds of most merchandise in order to pass on the cheap prices. After putting it all together, I realized that I would be just as good shopping at Kmart and Target or even better yet Fred Meyer! 

-¡DavE! =-)
¡DavE! commented on this on 2-27-2004
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