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¡DavE! Comments on.... The Superbowl
Ok has America gone crazy? Everyone is having a cow because Janet Jackson showed her breast on national T.V. during the halftime show. Big Fat Deal! I think the only thing that I got out of it was how much the F.C.C. wants to censor what we watch on T.V. I can't even imagine why people made such a fuss. For one thing, the commercials that ran during the superbowl offended me much more but you heard very little about that. However after Janet flashed her Breast on T.v. Everything in the halftime show came out of the woodwork. Kid Rock's Flag outfit, A scantilly clad dancer. Give me a break America, these things have been happening for years! 

For instance, all Janet was doing was causing a stir because she is releasing a new album soon. Have us all forgotten the stunts Madonna has pulled before her new albums were released? Oh and for you people who have been complaining about the breast incident, Madonna's boob have been seen on MTV for years. If you get a chance, watch Vogue. It shows Madonna in a see through shirt and you can actually see her Nipples. That's more than Janet showed. 

How about Kid Rock-Big deal. If I had a nickel for every time someone dressed in a flag outfit, I would have a country of my own. And what about the scantilly clad dancer that CBS blocked out. I used to remember my mother having a cow about how dancers dressed on a Tv show in the 70's called "Solid Gold" No one complained about that. 

All I can say about the whole incident is Kudos to Janet and Justin for putting on a great Halftime show. I'm sure  more people will watch next year.
Boo on the F.C.C. Get a life, It's a little too late to be using one artist as a scapegoat for what's already happend on T.V. 

-¡DavE! =-)
¡DavE! commented on this on 2-25-2004
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