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Lets have more Sin Tax! 
If the government wants to make more money in this country, we should legalize Marijuana and prostitution. Now before you think i've gone over the deep end, first of all, I don't smoke pot. Second, I don't buy people for money. I'm just an avarage joe but I think the government is wasting it's time trying to arrest people for these "Petty" Crimes and instead should legalize it and tax it. 

For Marijuana people could buy it legally over the counter and they would pay a hefty tax on it. Then part of the money could go towards educating people against using drugs. I mean half the people I know smoke pot. And they have never gone ape shit and killed anyone. 

For prostitution, the prostitutes would pay the taxes. They would have to be checked every so often by health professionals so they are clean and free of diseases. Taxes would go toward sex education. 

Cities and towns would be able to create a new Zoning ordinance that would create a "Red Light" District that would cater to these professions. 

These types of businesses would earn our government more money and in the long run they would also open space in our overcrowded jails. Saving more money because we won't have to build new ones. This one of the reason's I won't vote to build a new jail in my area. It's because we have too many people who are jailed on old and arcane laws. 

Sure these may be radical ways to make money for our governent, but so what it would make tons! It's time for America to think out of the box. This is just one way to do it!

-¡DavE! =-)
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