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¡DavE! Comments on... The American Education system and lack of money to pay for it
Here's another one for my "Has America Gone Crazy" File. Our education system is crap. Flat out crap and I hate to say it but we are raising a future generation that is going to suffer because of it. First of all the most important thing is...and i'm going to make this message big. American leaders, stop waisting your money on studies, weapons, wars, rebuilding our highway's systems, your raises,etc and put that money into our schools. Yes folks our schools need more money. 

I am often beside myself on why America does not funnel more money into education. First of all, Teachers should never have to strike. I have always thought that if it wasn't for a teacher, I wouldn't be able to read, write or even have the skills I have to use in today's world. You wouldn't be reading this if it wasn't for a teacher! So why is it that we pay the people who have taught us less? Does that make sense? Hell No! OUr state just had one of the longest strikes in state history. Teachers were complaining because they could barely make ends meet. Finally they went back to school without a contract, but the public has found out that the superendendant makes $100.000.00 per year. Give me a break! 

Teachers are not the only part of the school  that needs money, Schools do as well. Most of our schools were built in the 50's and 60's.  They are in disrepair and probably not up to code. This isn't just something in my child's schooldistrict, but in Every Schooldistrict across the country.

Equipment and books-Most of these are outdated. There are schools across the country that don't even have computers. That is a shame. Just think these kids are being educated on old text books that may not even apply to todays world. That's almost worse than getting an education at all. 

So here's what needs to happen folks. Money needs to come from somewhere right. I think it should be  from State and Federal funding. I used to be gung ho on local voting for bonds but if you think about it, our taxes would pay for it anyway if it was State and Federal funding. So why pay twice with a bond. BUT I do want to say right now if your school district has a bond coming up for vote Vote for it! So you are probably saying to yourself right now "Dave you uneducated fool!!!, We already have State and Federal Funding for schools" I know that but it's not enough and often it's cut from budgets. That needs to happen no more. On the state level our governments need to put as much aside for schools as they would for say transportation, Laws, Lawmakers, etc. Shuffle the state sales tax to pay for it. It just needs to happen. On the Federal level, we need to get rid of Crap programs that give money to schools only if they meet certain guidlines. One of the reasons they don't meet the guidlines is because there is no money. ONe good example is "The No child left behind" That is the dumbest thing ever. Not only had it put pressure on the teachers but they are not getting paid more to do it. There has to be a better way. 

On the local level, School districts MUST find a way to stop cutting things in our school's to pay for services. No more robbing peter to pay paul. In my district alone, our district is proposing next year to cut extracurricular activities, Transportation, and Teachers. HOw about trimming the fat off of some of the superintendant's salaries for a change? How about finding other ways of making money? Like posting ads in schools to sell stuff? Even on the school bus? Yikes that's a controverial subject but who cares if the schools are making money. 

I could go on all day about how schools need more funding and how they could save. There is one weapon that you the voter have. If you are a voter, let your school district know that your vote counts in order to pay for there services. I've used this several times and have gotten results. At the end of the day, even if you don't have kids or never plan to, if schools aren't funded, you may just be dealing with uneducated adults in about 12 years or so!

-¡DavE! =-)
¡DavE! commented on this on 2-25-2004
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