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Don't Dis People Who Work(at Mcdonalds)
I know a lot of people who dis working at Mcdonalds. It is like the last drastic resort of work. The low end on the employment food chain. Well I used to be one of those people to until I realized that if it weren't for those who work at Mcdonalds, who would serve us when we went to Mcdonald's. And really what is the big deal? People who work there do so because they either like it or need the money. I've known several people who worked at Mcdonalds who have turned out just fine. I've also known people who worked their way up to management. I bet you they have the last laugh. Well in reality, it doesn't have to be just Mcdonalds that people dis, it could be any company. If you are a worker who someone trashes you for working at that company, just remember if it wasn't for you that company wouldn't exist!
-¡DavE! =-)
¡DavE! commented on this on 2-27-2004
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