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Marriage should be between 2 consenting adults...
I am just livid pissed about the same sex marriage issue. This should be a non issue in the United States but because our country likes to discriminate Millions of people are suffering. Simply put, same sex marriages should be allowed end of story. I think it's cruel to not allow it. Why deny two consenting adults who are in love the right to be married? It doesn't make sense in this day and age. It also just really angers me that people have to go one step further and create the "defensive marriage act" What the hell is that? HOw the hell are two men getting married going to ruin marriage for everyone else? Why oppose Same sex marriage? What are people afraid of?

Basically Bottom line is Same sex couples deserve to be wed Just as male-female couples. Love is love. If your heart is there for someone, wouldn't you want to be bonded with them for life?

The time is now America. Lets settle this fight and change our laws of marriage to read "Marriage is a union between Two Consenting adults"  There are too many other things that should concern us then to be pointing fingers and splitting people apart. I know that in this day and age, I would rather see two women happily in love together than a straight couple that has a shot gun wedding that is annulled the next day(Remember the Brittany Spears wedding to Jason Alexander? There's a good example of a straight marriage) If America really wants to create a "Defense of Marriage act" Then defend Marriage by trying to keep couples together, not keep them apart. 

Kudo's to...
Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin They were the first to get married in San Francisco. The two have been together for 50 years. How many people do you know who have been together that long. Phyllis and Del-You two are my heroes. You two are both the "Rosa Parks" of our time. Thank you so much for your stand.

Mayor Gavin Newsom-This is San Francisco's  Mayor. For you to take this stand is very courageous. Keep your ground. You don't realize the good work you are doing. You are the example of what a politician should be. Thank you!

Supporters-Without you this issue will never be a reality. Keep supporting legislation to legalize marriage between two consenting adults. 

And then there's...
President Bush-Shame on you big time. It's one thing that you aren't supporting some of your Fellow Americans but it's another that you deem it as being "Wrong" 

Non Supporters here is a message to you...
If you are a person who doesn't support same sex Marriage because the bible says it's wrong, The bible also says a lot of things today that we would consider wrong in our world. What's really wrong is keeping the union of two people apart.
If you are a person who doesn't support same sex Marriage because you think it is morally wrong-Put yourself in someone else's shoes. What if it was the other way around and Men and women couldn't get married but only Same sex couples could? Would that be fair? Wouldn't you want to celebrate your love with your loved ones?

In Closing, I want to say that this is not just a gay issue it's a human rights issue. It really upsets me that America has come such a long way in it's 200+ years and we have such archaic views. This Needs to change!

For more information on Same Sex Marriage, Please go to:

Make sure that you sign the petition in support of Same Sex Marriage!

-¡DavE! =-)

¡DavE! commented on this on 2-27-2004
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