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9/11 the conspiracy theory....
First of all this one is going to piss people off. But before you send me death threats and a pox on my face, Remember this once was a "free" country and this is just a view of mine. So read on and get pissed!

Well here's an idea folks. Anyone ever thought that the whole 9/11 thing was just a scheme concocted by the Bush administration to boost his popularity?
Lets just check the facts and you can draw your own conclusions... Picture 2001 pre 9/11. George Bush was considered a Pretzel choking Moron who no one really liked. I know that I thought he was just a face. There was no real action no freaky laws and his biggest controversy was that he would spend working time on his ranch. In fact, I received countless emails making fun of George Bush. Hell I had so many of the ones comparing him to a monkey that I almost couldn't tell them apart anymore.

Then 9/11 happened. Yes folks this was  a sad, sad, sad day in America. I know myself I was watching my back and checking for suspicious activity for months after 9/11. Hell I was even afraid to go to work for awhile for fear, I'd be in a car bombing, or maybe a dirty bomb would go off. Well George Bush came off like a star. Hell I even liked him for half a second. 

But like most people, I chalked it up as a fact of life. Terrorism happens(allthough through my mind, I thought that if only 18 terrorists can kill thousands of people and we declare war on Afganastan, then why is it a disease like say aids, heart disease or cancer gets to run amok in America. If we spent as much money trying to cure these, Just think of how good America would look to people then. But I digress)

Then the Alert system was created. Wow for the first year it put the fear of god into Americans. It was pretty much tied to holidays and the anniversary of 9/11. Then it went to whenever the government decided that the terrorists were "chattering" or when Bush's popularity rating was declining. 

When American's started getting used to this and Bush's rating went down,we decided to go to war on Iraq, and for what? Weapons of mass destruction? come on, that's bunk. But it sure helped Bush again. His popularity went up again. But when our troops weren't finding the supposed Weapons, his rating started going down again. Then he caught Saddam Hussein. Yay good for him. His ratings went up again. Now his ratings are going down again. Mostly because he did not find any Weapons of Mass destruction in Iraq. Yesterday on the news the were reports that they have Osama Bin Laden  Trapped in Pakistan. Have a feeling they won't "Catch" him until around say oh, I don't know. October or NOvember since November is when we have our next presidential elections. All though, if they catch Osama sooner, I'd probably pack my bags for Canada. Because that probably means we will have another Terrorist attact to boost Bush's poularity later in the year.

-¡DavE! =-)
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