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 About the Seattle World's Fair 1962-
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About the 1962 Seattle World's Fair
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Seattle Center Circa 1962
Seattle Center Circa 2002
The Seattle world's fair was a fair that ran from 21 April 1962 To 21 October 1962 in 74 acres that is now known as the Seattle Center. Several nations and corporations attended this event that focused on the future and science. 

The fair featured several themed areas. There was the world of Science; The World of Century 21 which was an excellent exhibit that gave the fairgoer a glimpse at what the 21st century would be like; World of Commerce and industry, a showcase of technology advances from some of the country's greatest corporations; World of Art; World of Entertainment; Show Street-the world's fair's own red-light district; The Gay way which is today's fun forest; Boulevards of the world-the world's fair's own shopping mall; the exhibit fair; the Food circus(Todays Center house) and of course the concession stands.

After the world's fair was over, several of the buildings were torn down as they usually are after a world's fair but several remained to become Seattle's civic center Aka the Seattle Center. This included the Space Needle, The Coliseum, The Pacific Science Center and the Center house to name a few. Some of the buildings were there before the Seattle Center existed. The Opera house was local armory and the Center house was a Military storage Depot. 

By the early 80's the former World's fair grounds was becoming  shabby. Disney was brought in to redo the Seattle Center but Center officials rejected it. Instead several bonds and votes were passed as well as private contributions and the Seattle Center started to take shape. The first new building since the world's fair was the Bagely Wright Theatre for the Seattle Repertory Theatre company. The revitalization of Seattle Center continues today. In 2001, construction started on a new Seattle Opera house that will replace the old one and the Flag Plaza was torn down to be rebuilt as well. 

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