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Book Of Lists Table of Contents
Welcome to the Book Of Lists. The book of Lists was a special that first appeared on ¡DavE!'s Whirled Wide Web in 1999. THese lists are favorite certain things from ¡DavE!. Please note that allthough we have updated the look of the lists, the content has *NOT* been updated since 1999. Because updating the content is rather cumbersome, they are only posted here for historical reasons. Someday I may update them again but it is last on my list of things to do. In addition  list 8 My favorite songs of all time, Is unfortunately missing and therefore not linked on this site.
-Chapter One-
100 of the Best Films of the century
-Chapter Two-
100 Best Television Shows of the Century
 -Chapter Three-
100 Best Businesses of All Time
-Chapter Four-
100 of my favorite Material Things
 -Chapter Five-
100 Famous People of the Century
 -Chapter Six-
100 Best Albums of All Time
-Chapter Seven-
100 Best Phrases, Songs, Musings, Quotes, Etc...


This Page was originally created on 1 March 2003.
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