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Frequently Asked Questions
Hey this site is no big deal? What gives?
The only purpose of this site now is a historical marker. Prior to April 19, 2004, ¡DavE!'s Whirled Wide Web! had monthly features and a newsletter. This was a project that was ongoing for 5 years. If you would like to see some of the "legacy" features, Click here and you will go to the archive site Legacy Of ¡DavE!
I want to sign your guestbook. Where do I go?
Unfortunately, we do not have a guestbook. If you would like to have your name put on our site forever, or make a comment in public. Go to the ¡DavE!'s Whirled Wide Web! Historical Society page and become a member. Membership is free. Your email address is never given to anybody in fact, you don't even have to submit it to us. Your comments will be posted on the membership roster within 72 hours. 
How can I contact ¡DavE!
You may contact ¡DavE! by clicking the contact button on any of our pages and submitting the form on the contact page. I will respond within 24 hours.
I really want to send an email instead of using the contact form. Is there an email address that goes directly to ¡DavE!?
Due to getting over 200 spam messages per Day! I have not listed my email on this site and will be pulling it from all other datombar.com sites. If you really want to send an email to me however, you can by emailing askdave@datombar.com You can copy and paste this email in to your email client. This email box is for screening email messages and because of that is only answered every 7 days. For a faster response, please use the contact form.
How can I become a friend of ¡DavE!'s Whirled Wide Web? Or link to your page?
Unfortunatley we are no longer accepting new links for ¡DavE!'s Whirled Wide Web! If you would like to link to ¡DavE!'s Whirled Wide Web! you may but we will NOT post a link of your site on ours. For more information contact ¡DavE!.
What is the best browser resolution for ¡DavE!'s Whirled Wide Web?
¡DavE!'s Whirled Wide Web! is developed using a resolution set at 800X600. We recommend viewing our site using the latest Netscape or Internet Explorer Programs. 
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